Are you overpaying for your business website?

So, how much should a business website cost in Singapore? How do you know if you are overpaying for it?

See an advertisement for website package going for SGD $99 only? Is that really possible?

Read the Terms / hidden clauses!

Don’t ever rush into signing up for a special promo for a website package just because it looks really affordable. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you find yourself lacking this and that, get stuck and top up more money because you don’t know how to break away from the situation.  You should take a quick look at some basic website costs first, then you should be able to understand if a very cheap website package sounds possible.

In order to have a website (e.g. to be on the internet, you should be looking at some monthly or yearly costs. Even though there are some really cheap (less than $5 per month) web hosting packages available, an average one without too much of limitations or missing features and capable of supporting a business website would usually come at higher mid range prices.

Don’t forget the main reason why you want to have a business website in Singapore. After all, credibility is the main objective you want to achieve. It doesn’t help at all if you have a website that loads only after 20 seconds or fail to load at all, or even worse, show error messages that really destroys your brand.

Business website packages in Singapore have evolved into including extra features like SEO, on top of the usual website hosting and maintenance. Different companies employs different techniques to make their package worth much more and difficult to compare against others. 

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